VINCI Energies in the Netherlands

VINCI Energies operates from autonomous business units under the brands Actemium, Axians and Omexom.

Contributing to improvements

Contributing to improvements

The specialists of VINCI Energies in the Netherlands continuously provide contributions that improve everyday life in many areas. Through improvements for the industry, cities, buildings and networks. They do so from business units throughout the Netherlands. They serve the market with a wide range of services within the four business lines: Infrastructure, Industry, Building Solutions and ICT. Within these business lines, we have labelled specialisations and expertise under the network brand names Actemium, Axians, and Omexom.

  • Actemium: the VINCI Energies brand that is focused on industrial processes. Actemium focuses on a continuous optimisation of performance and supports clients on a smooth journey to the new industrial era of smart industry. The Actemium network – which consists of flexible and self-learning business units, specialised by market segment – facilitates a customised approach with multitechnical, multisite and multicountry solutions. Actemium operates throughout the entire industrial lifecycle – from design to maintenance – and innovates to support the long-term development of industrial clients in a sustainable manner.  
  • Axians: the VINCI Energies brand for ICT solutions and services. As the most versatile specialist in digital transformation, it supports and advises clients in the area of information and communication technology. Scalable, flexible and sustainable. It creates, supplies and maintains ICT solutions through its portfolio of dynamic Infrastructures, intelligent apps and business applications. Solutions that enable clients to realise their full potential. Axians achieves this on the basis of a real understanding of its clients, their aims, business, culture and expectations. It is the only way to facilitate effective innovations. 
  • Omexom: the VINCI Energies brand for the energy transition, offers innovative solutions, particularly in the area of energy from renewable sources, electricity storage, CO2-free mobility and managing the energy and transport Infrastructure. As the global energy sector is changing constantly, Omexom works together with its clients to realise the energy transition. 
    Omexom’s solutions are focused on those who generate, transform and transport electricity, including local authorities. This way Omexom helps energy producers, grid managers and regions to achieve their missions in an environment of changing opportunities. Therefore, Omexom works on creating more sustainable Infrastructures and meeting new consumer trends.

Some of our business units have such specific expertise in certain market segments that they operate under their own brand name:

  • A&I Kwant Civiel: A and I Kwant Civiel is an engineering consultancy with a total offering in design and engineering. They provide advice, engineering and supervision of complete processes in construction and mechanical engineering. They focus mainly on industry, government and project developers.
  • Amecha is a technical service provider in the fields of mechanics, automation, software, mechatronics and roboticsBostec improves healthcare, mobility and industrial processes in a smart and efficient way by connecting process, technology and organisation through in-depth consultancy. The starting point for Bostec’s advice and projects is to optimise, innovate and integrate operating processes. By combining its expertise with the strong points of people in organisations, it optimises processes with automation and ICT solutions together with the client. Bostec supports, counsels, and advises young talent in educational institutions and start-ups.   
  • Aqualectra: is a producer of high-quality electrical panels and a supplier of knowledge, services and powerful series, custom and total solutions for various disciplines in low and medium voltage, such as energy distribution, control technology and industrial and building automation.
  • Bosman Bedrijven: supplies and manages technical solutions for a comfortable and sustainable living and working environment. Its expertise is focused on the design, installation and management of mechanical, sanitary and electrical systems in the high-end office market. Its focus is on sustainability and comfort. Bosman Bedrijven works on the basis of a multidisciplinary approach. 
  • Cegelec Fire Solutions provides customised innovative and effective fire protection. In close cooperation with its clients, it optimises fire-security systems to guarantee maximum safety. Customised solutions are essential to efficient fire security, because each company or organisation has its own risk profile. Cegelec Fire Solutions adjusts the system to the unique situation. Cegelec Fire Solutions produces creative and top-quality solutions. It provides added value with smart engineering and innovation.  
  • De Jong engineering: is active in the food industry. Their specialism lies in the brewery sector in which they can take care of all matters relating to the transport of beer bottles and beer kegs. From destacking pallets with empty glass to transporting full pallets to the warehouse.
  • G&H: a specialist in industrial acoustic control. 
  • Koning & Hartman specialises in customised telecommunications solutions for industry and critical communication networks. These client-specific solutions are mainly provided to industrial clients and telecoms operators, but also to vital sectors, such as organisations in healthcare, public order, and public transport.  
  • De Schilt Bedrijven: As a total supplier, De Schilt Bedrijven ensure that a comfortable climate is created in the most diverse situations in buildings. They produce, supply, install and maintain the complete climate package.
  • VanderLinden believes that buildings need to serve the people who occupy it. Therefore it optimises buildings and sites to ensure they are smart, sustainable, comfortable and safe. It achieves this by means of advice, design, construction, maintenance, management and renovation of technical systems. VanderLinden unburdens its clients as the complete supplier when it comes to technical systems and technical services in property, industry and transport and logistics.
  • Van der Linden & Veldhuis: thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation for the industry.
  • VerAutomation: For 25 years, VerAutomation has offered services and solutions in industrial automation, panel building and installation technology with a focus on the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) market segment.
  • Verkerk is a local brand that designs, builds, maintains and manages sustainable building-specific systems. It provides an integrated approach to new-build, renovation and maintenance projects. Verkerk groups combines its specialisations security, communication, energy, HVAC, inspection, systems, measure and control technology, panel construction, service and maintenance, technical automation and care technology to generate added value. Its expertise comes into its own right in the sectors non-residential construction, industry, healthcare and energy Infrastructures.

Always advice, design, optimisation, innovation and maintenance of processes

The business units, regardless of the brand they belong to, always provide advice, design, optimization, innovation and maintenance of processes. Our only objective thereby is to increase the effectiveness of the processes of our clients, including by continuously optimizing the effectiveness of our own organization and responding to current and future customer needs and wishes in a flexible manner. For instance, in the field of the digital transformation and energy transition.

Our passion: to create value for our customers and for society. We realize that we work in, for and by society. We account for this in our corporate values and by integrating CSR into corporate governance. But also through the VINCI Foundation and our way of organizing and working in which people and the human dimension as well as safety are key.