VINCI Energies in the Netherlands

VINCI Energies operates from autonomous business units under the brands Actemium, Axians, Omexom and VINCI Facilities.

Contributing to improvements

Contributing to improvements

The specialists of VINCI Energies in the Netherlands continuously provide contributions that improve everyday life in many areas. Through improvements for the industry, cities, buildings and networks. They do so from business units throughout the Netherlands. They serve the market with a wide range of services within the four business lines: Infrastructure, Industry, Service Sector and ICT. Within these business lines, we have labelled specialisations and expertise under the network brand names Actemium, Axians, Omexom en VINCI Facilities.

  • Actemium: services during all phases of the life cycle of industrial processes: from advice and engineering to realisation, commissioning and maintenance.
  • Axians: design, implementation and management of ICT infrastructures and software, hardware and tailored services. 
  • Omexom: services for any voltage requirement in the field of generation, transmission, distribution and transformation.
  •  VINCI Facilities: technical expertise, administration, management and services for the building-related and industrial environment.

Some of our business units have such specific expertise in certain market segments that they operate under their own brand name:

  • Bostec: management and consultancy for the optimisation, innovation and integration of business processes. 
  • Bosman Bedrijven: technical solutions for a comfortable and sustainable living and working environment.
  • Cegelec Fire Solutions: design, construction and maintenance of fire protection systems.
  • G+H Akoestiek: a specialist in industrial acoustic control. 
  • Van der Linden & Veldhuis: thermal, acoustic and fire-resistant insulation for the industry.
  • Verkerk Group: Industrial and building-related services.

Always advice, design, optimisation, innovation and maintenance of processes

The business units, regardless of the brand they belong to, always provide advice, design, optimization, innovation and maintenance of processes. Our only objective thereby is to increase the effectiveness of the processes of our clients, including by continuously optimizing the effectiveness of our own organization and responding to current and future customer needs and wishes in a flexible manner. For instance, in the field of the digital transformation and energy transition.

Our passion: to create value for our customers and for society. We realize that we work in, for and by society. We account for this in our corporate values and by integrating CSR into corporate governance. But also through the VINCI Foundation and our way of organizing and working in which people and the human dimension as well as safety are key.