Axians supports its customers with IT & Infrastructure services to digital transformation.

ICT based on real customer understanding

Axians provides ICT solutions to help customers achieve their goals and enhance their performance. It supports its customers throughout the entire process of ICT projects. From concept design to implementation and from infrastructure to application solutions. But also tailor-made solutions to specific needs, within the company or in the cloud.

The network brand of VINCI Energies for ICT

We want to communicate and exchange information constantly. Day and night. Always and everywhere. The digital transformation continuously offers new possibilities thereto. Information and communication facilities are vital for almost all human and business activities. To be successful. Now and in the future. According to Axians, an ICT solution must work from a technical perspective, but it should also work for and in the organisation. This can be achieved by really understanding the customer, not only the systems, but especially the people. Because an ICT solution is only a solution if people can work with it.

Axians creates, delivers and maintains ICT solutions that enable its customers to get the best out of themselves. It does so, based on a real understanding of its customers, their goals, business, culture and expectations. Because only then, ICT solutions can be proposed that not only work technically, but that also work for the customer. To make the world smarter, and to advance, Axians supports and advises its customers on the path to digital transformation. It creates state-of-the-art solutions. Scalable, flexible and sustainable. Solutions that allow organisations to work optimally and to achieve their goals and thus make a difference. This is how Axians contributes to creating real value.