VINCI Foundation NL supports the foundations Empower and Vier het Leven with their projects.

A better society does not build itself. That is why VINCI companies in the Netherlands and their employees strive to make the world a little bit better

VINCI Foundation NL support 2 new projects

A better society does not build itself. That is why VINCI companies in the Netherlands and their employees strive to make the world a little bit better. How? By supporting organisations that pursue social and public causes with human and financial resources. VINCI Foundation NL focuses on projects that promote access to the labour market or that help build a better society. Each year, the VINCI Foundation NL selects projects with a good cause that are supported by VINCI employees in the Netherlands. Learn more about the VINCI Foundation NL check the website.

Last week, the foundations Stichting Empower and Stichting Vier het Leven [‘Celebrate Life Foundation’] were presented with cheques for their projects.


A dedicated means of transport for Empower

Stichting Empower is a non-profit organisation that supports children, youth and young adults who have an autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and/or ADHD. This support is directed at developing self-sufficiency, independence and a healthy lifestyle. Through exercising and actively working together, clients overcome anxieties, experience success and develop a positive self-image. Within a safe educational atmosphere, this positive self-image is a starting point to work on personal learning objectives such as social competences, resilience and practical skills for self-sufficiency.

Wilco Voulon from Empower: “Being supported in a place where you feel at home: that is our guiding principle.”

Stichting Empower is being supported by the VINCI Foundation NL to purchase a 9-passenger minibus, which will make the organisation less dependent on volunteers and reduce costs. This will make it possible to support more young people safely for the long term.

Digital platform for the "Vier het Leven" foundation

Many elderly people gradually lose contact with others, with society, and with life. The Vier het Leven foundation works to restore this connection. It removes the barriers that prevent the elderly from going out, and creates new meetings and friendships between people. The goal is to make a positive contribution to reducing loneliness and preventing social isolation among the elderly in our society.

Annerieke Vonk from Vier het Leven: “We started as volunteers ourselves by using our own car to pick up three elderly people and go to the theatre together. Now we accompany 18,000 elderly people each year with more than 1500 volunteers in 120 municipalities.”

Each volunteer is in contact with three elderly people who they accompany. These volunteers currently spend a lot of time on administration. A digital platform will give the volunteers more time to spend on the actual contact. Last week, Stichting Vier het Leven received the cheque to make the digital platform possible.


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