VINCI Energies is a network organisation with people at its heart. All our business units and employees emphasise the human element of the organisation, where the strength of employees is celebrated and developed actively. Everyone works on the basis of our shared values: trust and transparency, empowerment, entrepreneurship, responsibility and solidarity.

In our network organisation, we work in changing compositions that operate across brands and business units. Why? To be able to offer our clients added value. That is why the VINCI Energies Way of Life, with shared values and commitments, inspires our actions. We know we can rely on each other, we prevent misunderstandings and we will achieve the best results individually and collectively. It determines our methods, gives conviction and strength, enhances loyalty and provides direction. The VINCI Energies Way of Life is the road we all take, and it is based on the following values: 


We provide talent with the room for development by giving every individual employee and business unit the freedom to take initiatives. The business units determine their own development strategy and are authorised to carry this out in accordance with the culture of the group. Empowerment strengthens their ability to act quickly and creatively and in direct contact with the clients.


Our joint success depends on the responsibility our employees are given and take at every level of the organisation, irrespective of their position. Responsibility for day-to-day activities, colleagues, for projects, clients and their business unit.


We recognise the ability of every individual to take initiatives, to see and realise opportunities for success. With enterprising people, our organisation develops and opportunities can be used. In turn that creates new ideas and opportunities, and we can anticipate technological changes and innovations for the benefit of our clients’ projects.

Trust and transparency

We choose to work in a sphere of trust. Trust is something that is granted, earned, and rewarded and it enables people to work together in the knowledge they can rely on each other. Trust is based on transparency in teams, in relationships with clients and colleagues, in rules and procedures. It contributes to the success of a network organisation.


Solidarity is more than just a principle, it is a reality that exists because of and in the network: knowledge, activities and resources are shared within VINCI Energies to improve efficiency and the ability to act quickly. It strengthens the feeling of connection and simplifies working together.

Solidarity is also expressed in our employees’ involvement in society, to which they contribute through the VINCI Foundation.

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