Health and safety

All business units, irrespective of their field of work or site, use the same approach to preventing accidents and improving working conditions. They closely involve their management and their teams in achieving the shared aim of "Zero Accidents". This ambition is recorded in our Safety Excellence programme.

Our safety culture goes beyond a safe implementation of operational activities. We believe it is obvious that we provide a healthy and safe work environment and wellbeing for all our employees. In our business units, in the office, with our clients or on the road. We do this for and with each other, and we work on a socially safe and healthy work environment for everyone. 

A positive safety culture, aware of risks

The Safety Excellence programme helps to strengthen a culture of safety and prevention in the workplace for all VINCI Energies employees, regardless of the nature of the work in a business unit. This culture is focused on work procedures and instructions, individual behaviour, and on the correct way of dealing with unforeseen incidents on the sites by having the courage to stop, take a step back, and consider when that is required. “Observe, warn, share” means that our employees are aware of risk, avoid injury, and enter into dialogue. These joint efforts ensure that our people care for themselves and their surroundings on every site, contribute to an atmosphere of respect and reliability, and are true ambassadors of our values.

Work on awareness with training and education

All our business unit managers are trained to propagate this culture in their business units. They also receive tools to analyse where they stand in their business units on the Safety-Awareness ladder and how they can positively influence that position. This approach allows each business unit to determine for itself which actions are required in its area of operation to continue working towards our common goal. 

  • An introductory programme for newcomers to our work sites. 
  • Personal guidance of new and temporary employees, and subcontractors.
  • Through the VINCI Energies Academy and the Institutes of Omexom, Actemium and Axians, our employees are offered a number of training modules that are aimed specifically at health and safety at work, and that cover all our activities and areas of expertise. 
  • Risk assessment and safety audits.
  • Awareness development to promote the wearing of personal protective equipment. In a number of business units a toolkit meeting is organised every month to discuss safety.
  • Communication programmes to provide information about health and safety, to initiate a dialogue, and to promote the exchange of best practices.
  • Information and discussions about accidents, hazardous situations, and lessons learned are shared regularly in the business units.

Various initiatives contribute to developing a culture of safety and prevention.  

Global Safety Week: talk about health and safety

Each year, VINCI Energies organises a Safety Week in all the business units across the world to improve our safety culture. The wellbeing, health and safety of our employees are always our priority. We continue to focus on this to make everyone aware. We achieve this by talking together about how we deal with health and safety at the workplace, but also about travelling safely to and from work. Including the range of physical and non-physical aspects of health and safety at work and the organisational and human factors that play a role. Consider issues, such as preventing unhealthy stress or a good work-life balance. Wellbeing, in other words.

Safety Excellence