VINCI Energies' success is determined by the commitment and professionalism of our people

Our human-resources development policy – that relates to recruiting, integrating and encouraging talent, promoting diversity, and helping young people to give meaning to their work – reflects the identity of VINCI Energies: a technical service provider with strong brands in the energy transition and digital transformation, whose success depends by definition on the commitment and professionalism of its people.


Our VINCI Manifesto contains four commitments that come under the Social element of the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive regarding Environment, Social and Governance, being:

Strive for zero accidents

Safe and healthy work is a top priority at VINCI Energies and a prerequisite for everything we do. We aim for 0% accidents, 0% occupational illnesses, and a healthy work pattern.

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Foster equality and diversity

VINCI Energies rejects all types of discrimination and promotes inclusiveness by treating everyone equally without prejudices based on gender, ethnicity, or disability.

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Promote sustainable careers

VINCI Energies encourages people to remain fit for the labour market throughout their working life, both in terms of health and skills.

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Share the benefits of our performance

All employees are given the opportunity to share in the economic success of our organisation.

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