Advice, design, construction, maintenance and management of sustainable building-specific systems

The building-specific systems are the heart of a business and contribute to a comfortable, pleasant and safe workplace. Verkerk makes an important contribution by applying sustainable techniques in industry, property, healthcare and energy infrastructure.

They build systems quickly and professionally with an eye for quality, comfort, safety and sustainability. With an integrated approach they go for the best result in combination with efficient and sustainable solutions.

Since it was founded in 1923, Verkerk in Zwijndrecht developed into a leading link in the installation sector and it has continued to develop. The energy transition and digitisation provide wonderful opportunities and innovations for its clients. They work together to make the most of those opportunities and to face the corresponding challenges.

The strength of Verkerk is in joining expertise, such as security, communication, energy monitoring, inspection, control technology, panel building, industrial automation and care technology. They work on efficient and sustainable solutions with an integrated approach.