Cegelec Fire Solutions

Provides customised innovative and effective fire protection. In close cooperation with its clients, it optimises fire-protection systems to guarantee maximum safety.

Customised fire security for every risk profile

Customised solutions are essential to efficient fire protection because every business or organisation has its own risk profile. Cegelec Fire Solutions adjusts the system to the unique situation. With years of experience and expertise in fire protection, Cegelec Fire Solutions is a reliable and professional partner at national and international level. It stands out with flexible and rapid 24/7 service and supports its clients with advice, design, engineering, installation and maintenance.

Cegelec Fire Solutions also has the solution for the foam transition, the transition to PFAS-free foam. Besides advice, it offers a complete transition process to FFF or ‘Fluor Free Foam’ in order to achieve the most practical and economic solution.

Cegelec Fire Solutions offers its clients the highest quality standards in its professional field. This is guaranteed by regular internal and external audits and Cegelec Fire Solutions has all the required certificates. It produces creative and top-quality solutions. With smart engineering and innovation it provides added value. Take the Foam Test Car: it is used by Cegelec Fire Solutions to test foam-extinguishing systems at client’s sites in a simple and reliable way. 

To guarantee this standard of quality, Cegelec Fire Solutions invests in its employees. It looks after its employees and invests in their development by learning from and with each other, by working together and networking. All underpinned by the human values of VINCI Energies: solidarity, trust, autonomy, responsibility and entrepreneurship.

Cegelec Fire Solutions guarantees its clients safety. Safety for their buildings, systems and products but above all for their employees. Safety is the number one priority of Cegelec Fire Solutions. To that end it works continuously on the safety awareness of its own employees in line with VINCI Energies’ ambition to have 0% accidents.