G+H Noise Control

Specialist in industrial noise control

G+H Noise Control is a specialist in industrial noise control. The experts at G+H know the best solution for every noise problem. Thus, G+H Noise control optimises the working environment and limits nuisance for the surroundings. Whether for industrial companies, power plants, utility buildings, the hospitality industry or traffic, for example. Thanks to years of experience, broad expertise and advanced testing and measuring facilities, clients are assured of watertight noise guarantees.


Among other things, G+H Noise Control provides sound-insulating enclosures, noise barriers, silencers, vibration isolators, sound-insulating boards, doors, passenger cabins and low-reflection rooms.

Solutions for the workplace and the environment

G+H Noise Control can carry out any noise control project turnkey, from acoustic and technical design, engineering and production to delivery and installation. Wishes and requirements are translated into expert customised advice. For numerous noise problems, G+H Noise Control has developed innovative products and cost-efficient solutions over the years, meeting the strictest quality standards. The large production capacity guarantees fast delivery, with series production resulting in a competitive price/quality ratio. G+H’s production process is NEN-ISO 9001 certified.