“The digital transformation will continue sharply in all branches and sectors of society.”

Tom Greeve, Deputy Managing Director Axians, about digital transformation

“The major trends we focused on in 2021 are here to stay: increased digitisation – particularly working from home – the growing demand for Cloud, Data, Connectivity and Cybersecurity. Over the coming years, the attacks with ransomware will not disappear and cybersecurity will require more investment.  

Over the past year, hundreds of companies and organisations were hit by a cyberattack in the Netherlands alone. We help organisations to solve their security breaches with remediation and to restore their ICT facilities. We can then stop the effect of ransomware with technical solutions, awareness training, consultancy and with simulated attacks and active monitoring of the client environment.  

The personnel shortage in the ICT sector will persist for the foreseeable future. For us, the impact of ageing is limited because the average age of our employees is relatively low. Our people also stay with us for relatively long periods of time. In order to meet the growing need for ICT people, we are investing in traineeships for young professionals over the coming years. We will continue training people without professional ICT competencies to become ICT people and actively work together with regional training and education centres (ROCs) and Universities of Applied Sciences. We also continue to invest in automating our basic processes to do more work with fewer people, which makes us more scalable. 

Over the past year, the coronavirus epidemic and other causes have produced shortages of parts in the ICT supply chain and delays in their deliveries. They will not be sorted out this year, and may produce price increases. The digital transformation will continue sharply in all branches and sectors of society. This year there will be significant investments, particularly in automating processes with smart software and in optimising client contact. That is keeping us busy.  

More and more organisations are seeing the benefits of a Network as a Service (NaaS). A versatile and innovative education organisation opted for NaaS and will have that managed by us for 7 years. Another education and care organisation, specialised in educating deaf people and people who are hard of hearing, instructed us to design and build a new ICT infrastructure. Four of our business units worked together on this project. We will manage the infrastructure for 10 years. 

To support our sustainability ambitions, Axians developed a green plus calculator over the past year. That enables us to calculate the possible CO2 emissions of an ICT project. In consultation we can then reduce or compensate the emissions. 

Finally, in 2021 we supplemented our portfolio with the acquisition of low-code specialist Gillz.”