Building Solutions: Making buildings smarter and more sustainable

Design, construction, thermal renovation, operation of technical equipment, maintenance and facility management.

VINCI Facilities provides global solutions to help customers benefit from less costly, more comfortable and safer buildings, integrating the regulatory requirements and the latest technical progress in smart buildings.

Buildings alone represent 40% of world energy consumption. The energy performance of buildings is thus a major energy and environmental challenge in the 21st century. Optimising energy consumption and improving the comfort, as well as the safety of occupants constitute the three main concerns of property managers today. Greater awareness comes with a greater need for technical facilities used in connection with new construction works and building renovation. This makes it possible to comply with applicable laws and regulations throughout the world, in the area of energy efficiency as well as safety.

Building maintenance and operation the smart way

From energy and communication networks to heating, air conditioning and commercial cooling, plumbing, safety and security, fire detection and protection, along with centralised building diapo3-980x555management systems: VINCI Energies has the right expertise customers need to provide them with “virtuous” buildings that comply with the most exacting energy certification procedures and labels. The Group contributes in this way to increasing the “green value” of buildings used in the service sector, which simultaneously enhances the value of real estate assets for property owners.

VINCI Facilities takes care of buildings, their occupants and the environment by offering facility management solutions that combine technical maintenance, building operation, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), and user services. With VINCI Facilities, VINCI Energies has all the skills the Group needs to meet market demands: to design, build, operate and maintain its customers’ facilities over the long term, acting as a true partner.