VINCI Facilities

Taking care of people, buildings and the environment.

VINCI Facilities is expert in facilities services and building-related technology. VINCI Facilities offers solutions combined with technical expertise, management and services. Customers no longer need to be concerned with the many and very varied aspects of buildings, users and building-related technologies. This allows them to fully focus on their core business.

Services & Solutions for Integrated Facility Management

VINCI Facilities provides total care for buildings, residents and the environment. To achieve the optimal use of these buildings, improve the working environment of the users and to manage VINCI Facilitiesenergy consumption and operating costs. To achieve this, it offers a broad and integrated range of services, multidisciplinary technical maintenance of building-related technical and structural installations as well as facility management solutions.

VINCI Facilities facilitates, listens and strategically thinks along with its customers in order to make a significant and lasting contribution to the optimisation of the businesses of its clients. It carries out this message of optimal unburdening in its plan ‘Taking Care’, which comprises comfort, sustainability and asset care.

VINCI Facilities aims for long-term cooperation with its customers. This allows them to take full advantage of the knowledge, skills and expertise and build together on quality improvement and cost control in confidence.

"We want to be the most valued service provider in integrated facility management, with an optimal daily working and living environment for our customers. We carry out this message of unburdening in the plan 'Taking Care', which comprises comfort care, asset care and sustainability care. For a comfortable environment in terms of temperature, light and sound. And for safe and reliable installations through proper maintenance and management. This contributes to the costs and environmental impact during the entire life cycle of the building. We reduce emissions and the impact on the environment during all life stages of a building."