VINCI Foundation NL sponsors Excelsior4all’s project “Playing for success”

IT equipment to help children on their way to have more self-confidence.

The Excelsior4all Foundation, social heart of the Excelsior football club in Rotterdam, provides every day an after-school program ‘Playing for Success’ in their learning center. This program is given to children who perform less than they can. André van der Meijden, business unit manager VINCI Facilities, handed over the sponsor amount to Niels Redert from Excelsior4all on behalf of the VINCI Foundation. A festive moment with all the children!

Excelsior4all is socially active in the Rotterdam region and helps to improve the living conditions of individuals, groups and neighborhoods. ‘Playing for Success’ is a program that consists of 13 three-hour meetings with 15 children a day. The children who participate in this program, for example, have a negative self-image. They follow interactive lessons and learn skills such as persevering, standing up for themselves, presenting themselves and working together.

VINCI Foundation NL is an initiative of all VINCI companies in the Netherlands to fight together with their employees against all forms of exclusion, in order to give everyone in our society their own place, role and dignity. Do you like to know more? Have a look at  the Dutch website.

John Breure, sponsor van het project en werkzaam bij VINCI Facilities

John Breure, Senior Contract Manager at VINCI Facilities and sponsor of this project, has been actively involved with the Excelsior Football Club for many years. ” When I heard about this project, I immediately thought that we can support through our VINCI Foundation. Nice that I can help Excelsior4all in this way and especially these children who can use this extra support so well. “

Excelsior4all is excited to receive the VINCI Foundation sponsoring.

“We are very pleased with the sponsorship from the VINCI foundation to better facilitate our preconditions regarding our project Playing For Success.” – Director Niels Redert Excelsior4all.

“Thanks to this sponsorship, we can challenge children even more to work on their low cognitive self-confidence and we can take our program to a higher level.” – Project leader Education, Excelsior4all, Iris de Iongh.

‘Playing for Success’ runs 5 groups per week, which means that 75 children participate per period. Many of the activities now take place on paper and with the help of ICT resources this can take place more effectively.

‘Playing for Success’ draait 5 groepen per week, wat betekent dat er 75 kinderen per periode deelnemen. Veel van de activiteiten vinden nu plaats op papier en met behulp van ICT-middelen kan dit effectiever plaatsvinden.

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