The specialist Robotics and Cobotics expertise of De Jong Engineering strengthens our portfolio for the food industry.

Today, VINCI Energies announced its acquisition of De Jong Engineering in Hedel. By adding the specialist Robotics and Cobotics expertise of De Jong Engineering, VINCI Energies is strengthening its industrial portfolio for the food industry.

For more than 20 years, De Jong Engineering, with 18 employees, has focused on the engineering, installation, and maintenance of complete electrical systems, with a specific focus on end-of-line packaging and robotics/cobotics expertise. It is specialised in the food and beverage sector, where it deals with everything concerning transport and handling; from unstacking pallets with empties to moving full pallets to the warehouse.

Louis de Jong, Director of De Jong Engineering: “To be able to forge ahead with innovations in respect of the robots, cobots and mobile robots markets, we were looking to link up withan organisation where we could continue to develop De Jong Engineering. This will be possible as part of VINCI Energies, as we can work together with other business units and share our specialist knowledge. A great organisation where our people can grow in a comparable culture. The network can also use our experience in the area of strong line control systems, line-balancing, integration, migrations and our knowledge of all types of bottling lines.”

De Jong Engineering supplies complete production lines, with control systems and software based on the required functionalities.

Eric Cissen, Perimeter Director of VINCI Energies: “The high-quality expertise in Robotics and Cobotics complements our existing industrial portfolio. 

Together we will be even better able to provide our clients with innovative solutions. It is a pleasure to be able to welcome De Jong


 Engineering and its employees in our organisation.”

This acquisition is fully in line with the VINCI Energies strategy to strengthen its industrial portfolio with Mechatronics, Robotics and Cobotics expertise. De Jong Engineering will continue to trade under its own name.



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