‘We work on CSR because – like many others – we believe in it!’

Eus de Haas, director of corporate development at VINCI Energies: What do VINCI Energies and its brands Actemium, Axians, Omexom and VINCI Facilities do about CSR?

Eus de Haas - Corporate Development Director VINCI Energies Netherlands

VINCI Energies Nederland was recently reassessed for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by EcoVadis. We scored well in the assessment. The result places us at the top of the Netherlands. Of course we’re proud to have achieved this together. And that we’ve improved since the last assessment. But it’s not an end in itself. It inspires us to continue on our chosen path. There’s no alternative.

How does VINCI Energies regard CSR?

“CSR has long been in our company’s DNA. In 2003, VINCI was one of the first companies to join the United Nations Global Compact. That meant committing ourselves. We then translated the essence of the Global Compact into eight promises. These are set out in our CSR Charter: Manifesto. These promises are now permanently anchored in the DNA of our organisation. Together with our values, they belong to the VINCI Energies Way of Life.”

Is CSR only aimed at the environment?

“In our opinion – and in the opinion of EcoVadis, the Global Compact and many others – CSR is about much more than ‘the environment’. It also includes sustainable careers, sustainable safety & security, a sustainable social environment and sustainable finances. For this reason, corporate social responsibility and corporate sustainability go hand in hand with our corporate governance. This is part of our management philosophy – Quartz – and is therefore interwoven with everything we think and do.”

Why do we work on CSR?

“Certainly not because we have to. We do it because we believe in it. VINCI Energies works in, for and throughout the world. We play a connecting role with our projects. Like everyone else, we benefit in the short and long term from the sustainable quality of the world. That’s why we make an active and concrete contribution to it. Many of our clients and suppliers agree. To give an example: we realise a large proportion of our turnover through tenders. All of them set CSR requirements. And let’s not forget: as well as our current employees, the new generation of professionals places high demands on what companies do in the field of CSR. Our aim is to be an employer of choice.”

How do we ensure that CSR is put into practice? In other words: that it remains in the DNA of employees and is acted upon?

“By always giving it attention and concrete form. That’s why CSR is reflected in all kinds of ways in the training courses our employees follow. We also have theme weeks such as a Safety Week. Through our VINCI Foundation we sponsor social projects to prevent exclusion and promote integration. We stimulate sustainable careers through life time employability. We allow our employees to benefit from our success through profit sharing and our CASTOR share programme.

ISO tends from mainly ‘process descriptions’ to ‘what do you think you can achieve as an organisation in the world and market’. How does VINCI Energies respond to this?

“We achieve a lot by giving the autonomous business units of our brands Actemium, Axians, Omexom and VINCI Facilities the space and responsibility to realise sustainable projects themselves. They know best where to find the biggest opportunities at local level. This decentralised approach forms the basis of our management philosophy. This presents a major role for the business units and individual employees. We say: It’s all up to you! Not only when serving the customer, but also in the area of CSR! These aspects are coming together more and more.”