More sustainable by solar panels

We are reducing our footprint

The energy transition and digital transformation are in full swing. Two developments that offer many opportunities for organizations, but also major challenges. Every day – as an accelerator in these areas – we help customers to meet those challenges and change them through opportunity opportunities. Possibilities to tackle matters smarter, more efficient, more flexible or, for example, more customer-friendly. But also to reduce the footprint of the customer.

Energy transition + digital transformation offers many possibilities

What we do for the customer, of course, we also do for ourselves, because working requires energy. How do we reduce our footprint? How do we make our business operations more sustainable? With this exciting challenge, we are working together with our customers and partners on a daily basis. The energy transition, in combination with the digital transformation and for example smart networks, offers many possibilities for this. Inside and outside companies and organizations.

866 panels = 230.000 kilowatt hours

Take, for example, the electricity needs of our location at the Eisenhowerweg in Veghel. With 866 polycrystalline solar panels on the roof, 230,000 kilowatt hours are generated annually. This solution – realized by KiesZon – provides a substantial part of our electricity needs in Veghel. Together with customers and partners – such as KiesZon – we make the world more sustainable.