Sustainably employable: Lifetime Employability

Lifetime Employability

VINCI Energies seeks to guide and facilitate its employees in their development in order to keep them optimally employable for positions within or outside our organisation. We do this on the basis of the Lifetime Employability vision: to encourage people to remain fit for the labour market throughout their working life, both in terms of health and skills.

Lifetime Employability is one of the spearheads of our Human Resource Management. We put our employees first. Because we want them to work and continue to work in the right place in a safe, healthy and pleasant way. Even if private circumstances change or if employees change their career direction.

Through Lifetime Employability we strive to optimally maintain the employability of our employees – inside or outside our organisation – in the given circumstances. We want to be able to make changes at an early stage, also to prevent problems in the future. Of course, employees have a say in this themselves.


What determines whether someone can continue to work safely, healthy and comfortably? Most of the time it has to do with the choices people have made in the past, present and future. Choices for education and training and for specific career directions, etc. In order to help our employees properly to make and evaluate these choices, we have a number of instruments at our disposal.