Performance ladder Social Entrepreneurship

Two business units in Veghel have been working for years in accordance with the social entrepreneurship performance ladder.

Corporate social responsibility is really embedded in our culture. It is just how we work and do business. It is also demonstrable. Take Actemium in Veghel. Two business units there applied for certification according to the Performance Ladder for Social Enterprise (PSO). This performance ladder measures the extent to which you as an organization demonstrably offer employment to vulnerable groups in the labor market. And it compares the result with other organizations of similar size.

Result: the business units were certified for PSO. Among other things because they have been working for years with employees who have entered the WSW-indication from the social employment facility. But long-term unemployed or Wajong employees also regularly get to work. They all contribute, from their own strength and competences, to the added value of our organization.