Safety Excellence: 0% accidents, 0% occupational illnesses

Safe and healthy working is a top priority at VINCI Energies, in short Safety Excellence.

Working safely and healthy is a top priority at VINCI Energies and a first requirement for everything we do. We aim for 0% accidents, 0% occupational illnesses and a healthy work pattern. We call this Safety Excellence. VINCI Energies encourages all its employees to be alert every day to risky situations and thus to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. We do this from our Manifesto conviction ‘Strive for zero accidents’. Our Manifesto expresses the essence of our Corporate Social Responsibility policy in eight convictions.

Safety Excellence: 0% accidents and 0% occupational illnesses

Each and every day employee awareness is decisive in preventing accidents at the workplace and occupational illnesses. VINCI Energies is focused on creating a safe working environment for all of its employees. That is why we continuously pay attention to health and safety at work. We aim for ‘0% accidents & 0% occupational illnesses’, in short: Safety Excellence.

All our responsible (business unit) managers support this focus on safety and health at the workplace. This also includes monitoring the safety data concerning our business units and providing safety awareness training programmes to all of our employees.

It is absolutely essential that everyone, employees and partners, cooperate in making their concern for safety and health second nature. With behaviour-based safety methods we can further reduce the frequency and severity of accidents at the workplace.

Safety at work

What do we do in practice to reach our target – ‘0% accidents & 0% occupational illnesses’? Among other things, the following:

  • A familiarisation programme for newcomers at our working locations;
  • Personal supervision of new and temporary employees, as well as subcontractors;
  • Awareness development to encourage workers to wear personal protective equipment; a number of business units is organising monthly toolbox meeting to discuss safety;
  • Risk assessment; safety-audits;
  • Specific VINCI Energies Academy training programmes, such as MD program Safety Excellence;
  • Communication programmes to provide information about health and safety, to stimulate dialogue and to promote the exchange of best practices.

Safety Excellence program

VINCI Energies uses the Safety Excellence program to support its business units in the field of safety and prevention. This program helps to strengthen a culture of safety and prevention in the workplace, regardless of the nature of the expertise and market approach of the business unit.

All our business unit managers are trained to stimulate this culture in their business units. They also receive tools to analyze where they stand in their business units on the Safety Awareness ladder and how they can positively influence this position.

This approach allows each business unit to determine for itself which actions in its work area are required to continue working on our joint objective: ‘0% accidents or occupational diseases’.