Paying extra attention to Safety, Health and Well-being in Safety Week

Positive health and well-being contributes to vitality

Every year, VINCI Energies organizes a Safety Week in all business units worldwide to engage in dialogue with employees about improving our safety culture. The well-being, safety and health of our employees is always our priority and we remain focused on raising everyone’s awareness. We do this by talking to each other about how we deal with health and safety in the workplace, but also about getting to and from work safely. About the many physical and non-physical aspects of safe and healthy work and which organizational and human factors have an influence on this. For example, on issues such as preventing unhealthy stress or encouraging a good work-life balance. In other words: well-being.

Well-being is an essential part of the progress of our safety culture. That’s why we also focus on the well-being and positive health of employees. Positive health is a different perspective with a focus on elements such as resilience, meaning and self-management. The attention on positive health at work is growing and this is both understandable and important. After all, it contributes to increasing the vitality of employees and increases their long-term employability and well-being. We see that, especially in these times, it is important for our employees to pay continuous attention to this.

In other years, all our employees met in the business units or in smaller groups at locations to discuss these common themes. As many of our employees nowadays work hybrid: at the office, at a client site or from home, the business units often organize online activities to discuss safety, health and well-being and to identify areas for improvement.

We asked employees how they perceive well-being, how their happiness at work is stimulated in our organization and how they themselves ensure that they feel good about themselves.