Building on lasting relationships

Projects in, for and throughout the world.

Building on lasting relationships projects in, for and throughout the world

We design and build on projects each and every day. These projects serve or affect – directly or indirectly – the public interest. We therefore strive to involve internal and external partners, clients, suppliers, public authorities, local residents and social organisations in our projects at as early a stage as possible.

Our aim is to create support for the successful execution of our projects. That is why it is so important that all stakeholders are closely involved. To this end, we look into their specific needs and seek to enter into an open dialogue based on transparency. In short: We also build on lasting relationships.

Fundamental: lasting relationships with various stakeholders

We work to build on and maintain lasting relationships with our stakeholders. Both internal and external. We see this as an important condition for the successful execution of our projects. We have therefore formulated clear promises regarding how to associate and communicate with the various stakeholder groups:

  • Our aim is to enter into a partnership with our direct and indirect clients: with companies from the public and private sectors, local and central governments and users.
  • We seek to deal honestly and respectfully with our subcontractors and suppliers.
  • We seek to create synergy between the various disciplines, units and companies of our organisation.
  • We seek to build lasting relationships with external stakeholders in our projects – such as local residents, governments and local communities.
  • We aim to share knowledge with internal and external partners where necessary and possible.
  • We maintain a sustained and constructive dialogue with the representatives of our employees – the works councils.

We have clearly defined how we intend to keep these promises.