Shaping the future – now and beyond

In the Netherlands 200 VINCI Energies colleagues came together to network and to get inspired what science and applied science will mean now and in the near future.

Jos Boers: ‘The role of science is important and invaluable for our society and therefore our organization. Science, knowledge, expertise and insight lead to individual freedom, equality, dignity, empowerment, responsibility, health, longer life, children growing up and peace.

Our company will have to continue to adapt, or respond, to inevitably evolving technology, legislation, morality and society. We’ll never get a perfect world, or make a perfect world. It is even dangerous to strive for that, but the possibilities for improvement through technology and science are endless. And that’s where we have to focus on as an organization on the evolving technology, such as: Artificial Intelligence, Energy net, Blockchain, Cyber ​​Security and Robotics but also: Quantum computing and Bio informatics. A good example of applied science is the innovations that were developed before and during the space travel that André Kuipers told about. These innovations are now commonplace in our daily lives. It was an inspiring day for VINCI Energies employees. Technology is our passion!’


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