Safety Week 2018: worldwide at all VINCI Energies business units

From 14 - 18 May.

How do we ensure a safe and healthy workplace?

Working safely and healthy at VINCI Energies is not only very important, but also always important. That is why we also organize the Safety Week every year worldwide. In the week of 14 May, ‘safe and healthy working’ will receive plenty of attention in all our 60 business units in the Netherlands. Because we do not consider it self-evident. That is why we pay attention to it every day. In this week we take extra time to discuss it together.

We realize safe and healthy working together.

As an organization, VINCI Energies makes many resources available to enable and stimulate safe and healthy working. Because working safely and healthy is essential. But making funds available is not enough of course. Certainly not in a network organization like ours where the business is very diverse. We have business units that work for companies in the heavy industry, but also business units where employees mainly work in the office to serve customers. Safe and healthy working is equally important for all these employees. But the interpretation of this can therefore vary considerably. This subject therefore constantly requires the attention and commitment of all our people. They make the difference in daily operations.

What else can we do individually, together and as an organization?

During the Safety Week, employees in the business units talk to each other about all kinds of aspects of safe and healthy working or receive workshops about this. About safety during work, but also about driving safely and for instance  the many physical and non-physical aspects of safe and healthy work. It is also about matters such as preventing unhealthy stress. Or, for example, a good balance between work and private life. But the conversation is also to encourage employees to take their own responsibility to ensure a safe and healthy working environment. The Safety Week is a stimulating period for everyone to be extra aware of this.

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