Responsible production high-quality food

VanderLinden maintains the air-conditioning system of HAK

Preventive maintenance

HAK has been producing high quality bottled vegetables and fruit for more than 50 years. By using heat and vacuum, the fresh ingredients are quickly preserved, thus preserving their vitamins and minerals. This allows HAK, one of the largest fruit and vegetable processing manufacturers in Europe, to contribute to a responsible and tasty diet.

Since 2011, VanderLinden has been maintaining the air-conditioning system of HAK, an essential condition for the responsible production of high-quality food. During the first maintenance year, it became obvious that the system was showing signs of wear and was not performing optimally. In 2012, VanderLinden performed a complete renovation of the air supply system. This was followed by the complete renovation of the exhaust system in 2013. This ensures HAK can be assured of the correct indoor climate.


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