Knowledge partnership with Rotterdam Council

Rotterdam Council and Axians continue to expand their knowledge partnership

Axians and Rotterdam Council are expanding their partnership in digital transformation around the dynamic IT Infrastructure for the local authority – network, security and data centre – in order to support business-critical applications, processes, employees and citizens towards a sustainable future. The team works on new and innovative IT solutions that are designed and selected on the basis of resilience and efficiency.

Solid base for increased digitisation

Since 2019, Axians has been the IT-Infrastructure knowledge partner for the network and data-centre Infrastructure of Rotterdam Council. The IT team of Rotterdam has managed the network and data-centre environment of the Council with its own specialists for many years. This specialised team is now supported by Axians, which has comprehensive knowledge of network and data-centre Infrastructures of local authorities. In the first year of the agreement, both partners worked together on a number of consultancy and selection projects to produce a solid base for increased digitisation of the local authority.

Properly considered and brand-independent choices

Rotterdam Council and Axians work together within a master agreement for network, server, storage and security components, including service provision. Besides the delivery and implementation of components, the specialists of Axians advise the experienced IT team in a number of selection projects. This ranges from selecting network components and firewalls to fundamental choices for a Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) platform. The specialists of the Council and the experts of Axians prepare advice on the basis of the functional requirements. By comparing and discussing both solution directions, Rotterdam Council will always make a properly considered and brand-independent choice.

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