Innovation in fire protection system

Safe and pleasant based work for Vos Logistics Helmond

Sprinkler system Vos Logistics

In 2016, Cegelec Fire Solutions installed a sprinkler system in the warehouses of Vos Logistics and sealed the skylights in the halls with fire-resistant, transparent fabrics. Cegelec Fire Solutions opted for this less obvious solution to ensure daylight for workers in the halls and thus maintain a pleasant working environment. The fire-resistant fabrics prevent the movement of air above the sprinkler system, which would allow a fire to spread quickly.

There were also metal barriers installed between the storage racks in an innovative manner to increase fire safety. In case of fire, this will ensure the heat rises up to the sprinkler system more rapidly, thus activating the extinguishing system and considerably reducing the damage. A cross-border project with an extremely short turnaround time.


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