Improve the air quality Eindhoven

Sensors to improve the air quality in the city.

Project AiREAS in Eindhoven

Axians participates in the AiREAS project in Eindhoven. This project makes use of sensors that measure the air quality in real-time. It is an example of the use of urban data: digital data generated by city dwellers, which help to visualise new habits in cities.

The municipality of Eindhoven is installing a unique network of sensors distributed throughout the city. The sensors, mounted on traffic lights, collect data that feed a platform on which real-time information can be read on contamination levels and temperature. It also provides researchers with data they can use to study relationships between contamination levels and the development of certain diseases.

The residents of Eindhoven were asked to participate in this project by carrying sensors for medical research. The core of this project is to verify how data can influence the behaviour of the residents and how you can take steps to make the living environment in cities more pleasant and healthier. Doctors, engineers, researchers, politicians and citizens are working together within AiREAS.

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