Good accessibility is essential economic development Amsterdam

The "Noord/Zuidlijn" is connecting Amsterdam North to Amsterdam South

Per day 121,000 travelers across the center of Amsterdam via the subway line

Noord-Zuidlijn Amsterdam

The Noord-Zuidlijn will connect Amsterdam North to Amsterdam South. Daily, the metro line will transport 121,000 travellers through the centre of Amsterdam. The trip from north to south will be cut in half from 31 to 16 minutes.

The metro offers an alternative to the often overcrowded trams and buses. There is no room for even more trams and buses in the city centre. There is, however, room underground. The Noord-Zuidlijn will ensure Amsterdam is and remains better accessible. Good accessibility is essential for the economic development of Amsterdam.

Alstom awarded Omexom the contract to carry out the installation, testing and commissioning of the safety and signalling system for the Amsterdam metro lines, including the new Noord-Zuidlijn. Omexom is also responsible for the implementation of the route from Amstel to Central. Additionally, the security areas (interlocking) at the van der Madeweg, LCM and Spaklerweg are also included in this contract.

The new control and signalling system for the Noord-Zuidlijn and the existing lines will use a partially new radio control system for communication with the metros. To this end, various aerial units are placed on poles and walls. These provide two-way communication between the vehicle and the roadside equipment.

Meanwhile, a large part of the project has been delivered satisfactorily. This is the section from North to South. The following part from Amstel to Central is already in full preparation. This section will be completed by the end of 2016. The expectation is that the first passengers of the Noord-Zuidlijn will be transported in the fall of 2017.

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