Global scanning solution for Provimi

International leader feed chooses for Actemium

Central plant floor automation with labeling and barcodescanning

Provimi, a leader in the international animal feed industry, with eighty plants worldwide, regularly faces changing laws and regulations. Therefore, it opted for central plant floor automation with labelling and barcode scanning. This allows them to implement a change only once rather than in every country to which that law applies. Furthermore, they wanted to start using a single ERP system, SAP. Provimi opted for the standardisation of plant floor automation, but it did know that local branches would have sufficient flexibility to do things their own way.

Provimi chose Actemium because they had proven in previous projects at Provimi that they cannot only automate the processes on the plant floor, but that they can also add intelligence. A functionality that an ERP package lacks, but that Actemium can fulfil. Moreover, the organisation of Actemium can handle a global roll-out. At the same time of the plant shop solution, SAP would be implemented. This required close cooperation between client Provimi, the implementation partner for SAP and Actemium.


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