Here you will find the latest news from VINCI Energies Netherlands

05 FEB 2019

VINCI Foundation NL sponsors Excelsior4all’s project “Playing for success”

IT equipment to help children on their way to have more self-confidence.

02 FEB 2019

Publication Port of Rotterdam puts Internet of Things platform into operation

A new Internet of Things platform has been developed for the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

17 JAN 2019

News Bosman Bedrijven now really acquired by VINCI Energies.

Strong addition to VINCI Energies Building Solutions portfolio in the Netherlands

05 JAN 2019

News An own place, role and dignity for everyone

VINCI Foundation NL exists five years in 2019 and two new projects, which were submitted by employees, will be supported.

18 DEC 2018

News Children learn to fix things: young learned, old done!

VINCI Energies supports project Repair Café at primary schools.

10 DEC 2018

Press release VINCI Energies acquires Bosman Bedrijven

VINCI Energies completes its offer in Building Solutions with the acquisition of Bosman Bedrijven which, thanks to innovative approaches such as BIM modelling, guarantees comfortable, efficient and sustainable living and working environment.