Children learn to fix things: young learned, old done!

VINCI Energies supports project Repair Café at primary schools.

Martine Postma - Repair Café and Jos Boers - VINCI Energies Netherlands

Over the next three years, VINCI Energies will support the Repair Café project in the classroom to teach children how to repair and maintain items. The curriculum for organizing Repair Café classes at the primary school is already available in Dutch and will be translated into 10 languages.

Repair Café wants to bring the habit of repairing back in a modern way in local society. It aims to preserve and disseminate repair knowledge, and to promote social cohesion by bringing neighbors with diverse backgrounds and motives together in the context of inspiring and accessible meetings.

Jos Boers, CEO of VINCI Energies Netherlands: ‘Careful and sustainable use of available resources is one of the challenges of our time. This project helps children to become aware of this and at the same time they learn how they can repair broken objects themselves. Volunteers from the local Repair Cafés work together with primary schools to give these lessons. A great way to pass on and retain repair knowledge for the future.’

Martine Postma, director of Repair Café International: ‘VINCI Energies understands better than anyone how important it is to retain this type of knowledge. And that young people develop an investigative attitude. For many children it is no longer self-evident to stick their bicycle tires at home, repair their backpack or disassemble an alarm clock. During the Repair Café classes they see how nice this is. Thanks to the support of VINCI Energies, we can now distribute these lessons worldwide, great! ‘


Would you like to know more about Repair Café? Click here for the website.

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