Taking responsibility results in a stronger team and better results.

Maarten Baak, foremen and supervisor at Omexom, about taking responsibility

A flexible network organisation through giving and taking responsibility.

VINCI Energies is a multi-faceted organisation, with a great deal of expertise. We offer this highly recognisably in the market under our brands Axians, Actemium and Omexom. Under these brands, we serve various market segments from our business units. The business units work together in varying compositions. That makes our network organisation extremely flexible.

This approach works because we give our employees a lot of space to do business. We also give them the responsibility that corresponds to that space and is appropriate to their place and role in our organisation. They take that responsibility. ‘Responsibility’, then, is an important value in our organisation.


Maarten Baak about the advantage of taking responsibility

Maarten Baak, foreman and supervisor bij Omexom

“It is of course the responsibility of each employee to do what needs to be done and to do it as well as possible. This ultimately produces the best result for customers and increases the chance of a longer relationship with them. And if everyone who works with you takes responsibility, the result is a stronger and safer working team. Responsibility is also about how to approach risks. During the work, it’s everyone’s responsibility to identify the risks for themselves and their colleagues and to always make the right choices.”

 “Taking responsibility is important to us, regardless of what position someone has within our business unit. Not only the mechanics and supervisors, but also engineers, work planners and other positions within our network organisation. We often work together with our colleagues in other business units. That will only work well if we can mutually rely on everyone taking responsibility. And they do. That doesn’t go unnoticed by our customers.”