Solidarity is the foundation for successful cooperation with the client.

Olaf van den Wittenboer, business unit manager VanderLinden, on solidarity:

Solidarity results in more added value.

The challenges presented by the digital transformation and energy transition call for ample and varied expertise. As a network organisation, VINCI Energies offers that expertise through its brands Axians, Actemium, Omexom and local brands. Our specialists work together in varying compositions in our project teams and within and between our business units. Why? To effectively combine their varied expertise to solve our clients’ issues.

This collaboration can only be successful if they all actively contribute to common goals with a strong team spirit. And if they are willing to help each other and share knowledge and success. And that’s precisely what they do. Each and every day. This is how they give shape to ‘solidarity’, one of the core values of VINCI Energies. Working closely together in solidarity for the client creates a great deal of added value.

Olaf van den Wittenboer on the benefits of solidarity.

Olaf van den Wittenboer


“Everything we do is basically about improving our clients’ products or processes. In fact, we work as a kind of – constantly changing – A-team: the client has a problem and we solve it, whatever it takes. How we do that? By always combining our individual qualities and creativity. Sometimes it takes a huge effort, but we always succeed in the end. Through our mutual solidarity.”

“This solidarity is the foundation for the partnership with our customers and suppliers. We strive for long-term relationships. Relationships in which we work together on the basis of equality and transparency. Solidarity is indispensable to that. We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes to solve their problems as effectively as possible. We can only do this if we can rely on each other’s expertise and commitment in a spirit of solidarity within our business units and network organisation. This is made all the more necessary by the fact that technical installations are becoming increasingly complex.