“Our customers benefit from entrepreneurial people.”

Bart Selten, business unit manager at Actemium, about the advantage of empowerment

VINCI Energies: by empowerment we give our employees the opportunity to do business.

In the market segments in which our 60 business units operate, developments go fast. Take, for example, the digital transformation and the energy transition. As a network organization, we can only respond successfully to these changes if our employees develop, collaborate and exchange knowledge. Then it is also important that they get the empowerment to do business. And that’s what VINCI Energies gives to them.

But offering employees room to do business is not enough. They must also be able to carry and execute the responsibility for undertaking. That is why VINCI Energies enables people to bear that responsibility. This is done on the basis of ’empowerment’, one of our values. How? By offering training and building experience. Only then can they offer their customers added value by serving them quickly, effectively and in a demand-oriented way. We think that makes sense.

Bart Selten, about the advantage of empowerment

Bart Selten, business unit manager at Actemium

“Our customers benefit from entrepreneurial people.”

“The business unit of Actemium in Doetinchem – of which I am a business unit manager – is part of the Actemium network after a takeover. That acquisition started a development process. A development from a directive culture – in which working hard was more important than self-development and in which many things were organised centrally – to much personal responsibility, empowerment and entrepreneurship. That approach appealed to many people. They saw, after getting used to, the opportunities and possibilities.”

“I started at Actemium as a software engineer and via a lead engineer, project manager I became business unit manager. So, you could say I am tried and tested in the VINCI Energies values and management philosophy. In my career I got plenty of room to develop myself, to try things out and to make mistakes. Three of our project managers are now client manager. They have the freedom to do business. This makes them more customer-focused. Together with the customer they are looking for the best solutions!”