VINCI Energies

Learning from each other, working together and networking. VINCI Energies perception of the development of employees.

VINCI Energies is a knowledge organisation.

VINCI Energies is a knowledge organisation. It fully depends on the people that work there. Within knowledge organisations, it is essential that there is room for all types of development. Development that employees need in their careers, so they continue to offer the right added value to our customers every day. This applies to development in the field of knowledge and innovation, but also in the field of corporate social responsibility and the world around us.

VINCI Energies is also a network organisation.

Development VINCI Energies is also a network organisation. One that works and that is organised based on its own management philosophy and values. Together with our employees, they form the foundation of our company. In our autonomous business units, employees have a lot of responsibility and freedom to be enterprising. The business units in our networks often work together in varying combinations. This requires a particular way of working, networking and collaboration. This too is part of the training our employees receive.

Training by experienced professionals.

The is where all these things come together and where specific training courses are realised. img_2511_1_1

Besides by experienced trainers, they are also often provided by our own employees, for example, by project managers, executives, financial people, HR managers or managers of business units. This form of transfer of knowledge and experience is central to the culture of VINCI Energies.

Building your network within our organisation.

Within this platform, learning from each other, working together and building networks take centre stage. Therefore, we have decided to allow the maximum number of employees from different business units to learn together and to get to know each other. This allows them to build their network within the organisation while getting to know the diversity of the services of our network organisation.