People make the difference and that’s what we appreciate.

Plenty of room for initiative and be successful together - Powered by your energy.

People make the difference and that's what we appreciate.

You make the difference because you want to make the difference. We provide you with all of space and opportunities you need. Because we strongly believe in collaboration within and outside of our business units and networks. Flexible cooperation allows us to combine our efforts and knowledge in varying combinations. But as you know, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Therefore, we want only strong, flexible links. Links like you.

It does not matter what you are or where you are from. We think it’s more important who you are, what you can do and where you want to go. We offer you perspective and ample opportunities to develop yourself and your career. To ensure that you will contribute to our common success, motivated and full of passion for your profession, just like your colleagues. Success of which you are part.

We believe that our employees are the ones that make our company, not the management. Therefore, that is how we have structured our organisation. Based on clear, common values and a management philosophy that guarantees the human dimension, we give you responsibility and space to be enterprising. Ideal for someone like you who wants to make the difference!

I feel empowered. I have got a lot of freedom and get the confidence of the organization to develop myself and to control of my own career path. Developing yourself means you somethimgs make mistakes and you learn from it. And this space you get at VINCI Energies.

Karen Ruijs - HRM Manager

Training at VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies

Training is provided for you at every stage of your working life and is considered as an essential investment. It allows you to  develop yourself and the business units to strengthen their position and prepare their teams to address current and future challenges. Take the initiative and care for your own development.

Mobility: an opportunity to progress

All employees can legitimately aspire to improve and progress in the course of their career. VINCI Energies encourages all employees to express their wishes and offers many career opportunities: mobility among the 1,600 business units of the Group, new working environments, different business activities, new responsibilities, etc. Within VINCI Energies, mobility nurtures networking of skills and contributes to the exchange and the dissemination of constructive ideas. A successful mobility project benefits all the stakeholders.