Lifetime employability

Continuously developing people for their own place in society

One of the core values at VINCI Energies is empowering. This is not just a word! It is our belief that people thrive best if they are given the responsibility to bring matters to a successful conclusion and at the same time have the power to take decisions. In the implementation of projects, but also in determining their own careers. At VINCI Energies, we call this ‘Lifetime Employability’.

Lifetime employability, within or outside our organisation

‘Lifetime Employability’ does not mean ‘lifetime employment’. Because the labour market has been changing for some time. In the old days, it was normal to work for the same employer your entire life. Nowadays, this rarely happens. People are no longer looking for the certainty of a single employer. They rather seek the certainty of working or being employable their entire life.

Vinci Energies encourages its employees to always keep this in mind. And: to take action to continue to develop in their specific areas of knowledge and skills. However, sometimes this can also mean making a switch to a different expertise if that better suits their talent. Because people can work their entire lives at VINCI Energies, as long as they continue to evolve and remain employable within our learning network organisation. By helping them with coaching, development interviews and training in the field of knowledge, experience, skills and health & welness. This is how we work on employablility. Within, but also outside our network organisation.