Lifetime employability – ongoing development

Karen Ruijs, HR manager bij Actemium, over persoonlijke ontwikkeling.

Lifetime employability is focused on keeping people fit for the labour market throughout their active life in terms of health and skills. It supports them so that they can function to the best of their abilities based on their talents and ambition, now and in the future. VINCI Energies wants to hold on to our employees by investing in their development and health, by offering them a career that is consistent with their capabilities, and by doing everything in a way that enables our employees to participate in employment longer in a healthy way.

“I have developed by seizing new opportunities and challenges.”

Karen Ruijs, HR Manager at Actemium

“When I had children, I stopped working. So, I am not a typical career woman. Because VINCI Energies kept offering me chances and new challenges, I was stimulated to develop, for instance via an HR training programme at the university of applied sciences.

At VINCI Energies, I feel empowered: I have a great deal of freedom, and I get the confidence of the organisation to develop, with me in control of my own development. Developing also means that you make mistakes. VINCI Energies also gives you the opportunity to do that. You get a chance to develop in the growing organisation, provided that you are prepared to develop. If you have the talent, we will provide the room you need.”