Business continuity in a responsible manner

In a world that looks different now, we continue to support our customers responsibly with our brands and employees.

Digital transformation that we have been through within VINCI Energies now ensures that we can work well and continue to provide our services on a daily basis. We are doing everything we can to continue this on an equal footing. And if necessary, we also go the extra step because we understand that this is a special situation for everyone. We make full use of the possibilities offered by the technology.

Our employees are the most important in this, at the heart of the organisation. For them, trust and transparency, entrepreneurship, solidarity, empowerment and responsibility are the guiding values. We use these as a compass and will ensure that we stay on our course. Our organisation is fully equipped for this.

Our business units have and feel a social and economic responsibility, which is why we are as open as possible and ensure a minimum physical presence at each location in accordance with our continuity plans. We are available in all cases to support our customers with their questions. Our management teams are mobilised to deal with this situation and are available for consultation and information, regardless of their location.

Naturally, VINCI Energies and its brands closely follow the developments surrounding the coronavirus and apply the guidelines and advice of the government and RIVM in the Netherlands. After all, the health of all people involved is paramount in the cooperation with our customers, partners and suppliers.


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