Looking back at 2021 with Jos van Uden and Rob van Kaathoven

Jos van Uden and Rob van Kaathoven, Managing Directors of VINCI Energies Netherlands look back at 2021 and look ahead to 2022.

How did VINCI Energies Netherlands perform in 2021?

Jos van Uden: “In many ways 2021 was a good year for us. We are proud of the enormous dedication and flexibility of our employees; they were determined to make sure our clients’ projects ran well, and that enabled us to achieve good financial results. And by achieving our targets for autonomous growth and external growth by acquiring a number of new businesses that strengthen our portfolio. In 2020, it became apparent that our organisation model of decentralised business units and management philosophy were able to cope with the Covid crisis and this continued in 2021.”

 Rob van Kaathoven: “Many of our employees worked from home for a large part of the year. We were already able to manage hybrid working. An important point of attention is the work-life balance for our people when they work from home. Under the theme of Happiness at work, we paid more attention to the wellbeing, health and safety of our employees. For example with all types of shared activities in the business units, from drumming sessions to vitality workshops, but also by paying continuous attention to the dialogue between employees. In a Covid year in particular it proved important to prevent people from being isolated or working too long.”

Jos van Uden: “We also have business units where our employees mainly worked on site with our clients. That required a whole different set of points of attention. By talking regularly and assessing and anticipating risks properly, those activities generally went smoothly. ”

Rob van Kaathoven: “In 2020, VINCI launched the VINCI Environment Awards to strengthen our environmental awareness in the area of climate, circular economy and natural environment. The number and the diversity of the submitted projects demonstrate that many business units have massive amounts of knowledge and expertise that can help our own organisation and our clients to perform better in these areas. With the themes we use to deliver our expertise – digital transformation and energy transition – we work on innovative and green solutions for our clients. Every business unit has sustainability and the environment in its business plan. “

How do you see the year ahead?

Rob van Kaathoven: “With our specialisations we are properly segmented in the critical sectors. This year too we have plenty of work, for example due to the increase in energy transition and digital transformation projects. We want to continue to grow autonomously and with acquisitions. That’s why we continue to look for businesses that fit our portfolio and strengthen our propositions for our clients. Companies that can be integrated properly in our network organisation in terms of size and culture.”

Jos van Uden: “In our corporate culture we start with entrepreneurship and empowerment in the business units and we invest continuously in developing our employees in our core values and our management philosophy with the VINCI Energies Academy.nl. The fact that our management philosophy is successful is proven by the results, but also by how we are able to respond flexibly to circumstances, pay attention to our employees, maintain contact with our clients, continue to innovate and anticipate the future.”

Rob van Kaathoven: “In 2022, our focus is on the environment, inclusion and diversity. We want to mirror the society with employees from different backgrounds and provide a safe and comfortable work environment for everyone. We owe that to the society we work for and in. We also work on increasing diversity in our management teams and offer our people long-term career prospects. Another reason to continue investing in development. Not to mention because the future produces different challenges. We like to take those on. So we need to be up to scratch at all levels.”

Team VINCI Energies Netherlands

From left to right:

Jos van Uden, Managing Director Indrastructure, Building Solutions and Industry
Eus de Haas, General Counsel and Corporate Development
Rob van Kaathoven, Managing Director ICT
Maurice Roijen, Chief Financial Officer