Interview with Jos Boers, Managing Director VINCI Energies Netherlands

The future starts with demands and needs in the market and society

Creating new solutions for customer needs based on proven technology. That is innovation.


“The future is already happening and is shaped by changes and developments in the market and society, by the changing needs and wishes of people and businesses. And with our network of business units, we are well present and well prepared. Thanks to choices made in the past: for a specific organisational form based on our own management philosophy and clear values. As a result, we are already prepared for the challenges, opportunities and possibilities of the future.”

“As a company, VINCI Energies has chosen a distinctive approach. All our brands – whether they are working on projects in the industry, building solutions, infrastructure or ICT – work within a specific organisational form based on clear, common values and their own management philosophy. In short, the approach of VINCI Energies is as follows: our specialists serve our local customers from highly autonomous business units. We allow our employees to take a lot of responsibility and offer them great freedom to be enterprising. Why? They are close to the market, know their customers best and know what they need now and in the future. In short: they know what is going on, what the possible developments are, what the possibilities are and what should be done. They can smoothly and efficiently anticipate and quickly respond to changing customer needs.”

Small, large, simple, complex, locally and internationally.

“Because our business units operate within flexible networks, they can always offer the necessary solutions to local customers from these versatile and innovative networks. Simple, but also complex and multidisciplinary projects, large or small. In other words, our business units can draw on a vast pool of expertise. Furthermore, our global network also allows them to follow and continue to serve globalising customers.”

A match of organisational form, talent and customer needs.

“We think that this approach is best suited to the market segments we serve with our brands. It offers an organisational form that perfectly meets the needs of our customers. Moreover, it best suits the talents of our employees. With our organisational form, we are also well prepared for changes and new developments in the market and society. Because as anyone can determine: changes and developments follow each other increasingly faster. At VINCI Energies, we endorse the view that real changes and developments arise from the changing needs and wishes of people and businesses. Needs and wishes that have not been imposed from above by anyone.”

A flexible, open and innovative network that works in practice.

“But how do you know if your organisational form actually works? Now and in the near future? The answer is obvious: it shows in practice! Because as everyone knows, the market and society do not lie. And guess what? Our form has proven itself in difficult as well as in good times. Our flexible networks of business units proved repeatedly to easily endure demanding times. During prosperous times, they know how to exploit opportunities well and anticipate new opportunities. They are able to do so because they innovate their own work processes and, for instance, enter into partnerships with innovative partners such as Fieldbit. Or they participate in innovative, multidisciplinary projects such as AiREAS. But also because VINCI Energies launches initiatives to develop solutions to large city problems. Or, for instance, by investing through its Inerbiz fund in start-ups such as HAL24K, which identifies causal links and makes predictions based on big data.”

Smart solutions for today and tomorrow.

“Our business units are well prepared and equipped for a future that has actually already been going on for a while. Take, for instance, the energy transition and the digital transformation. Two major trends that have major implications for the market and for society. These are examples of trends that were not ordained, but which manifest themselves in many forms. Arising from real needs in the market and society! Our business units are already anticipating this in varying compositions with many and varied solutions for Smart Cities, Smart Factories, Smart Networks and Smart Buildings.”_

Team VINCI Energies Netherlands