If you don’t innovate, in three years’ time you’ll no longer be relevant.

Tom Greeve, director at Axians, about innovation.

Innovation is a prerequisite for staying relevant.

As a versatile network organisation, VINCI Energies works in a constantly evolving world where technology stands out in a complex leading role. Our brands Axians, Actemium and Omexom offer relevant solutions for energy transition and digital transformation. They can only do this by constantly innovating.

We continuously innovate our services and stimulate an innovative mentality. We have innovation programmes, partnerships with ambitious companies, national and international knowledge institutes, and we also participate in innovative start-ups. An important starting point for us: It must be possible to make innovations concrete and relevant for our customers.


“If you don't innovate, in three years' time you'll no longer be relevant.”

Tom Greeve, director at Axians, about innovation

“Effective innovation comes from below and directly from the market. That’s why we at Axians have largely decentralised our innovation. Our teams are responsible for continuously innovating their offerings. There is a constantly active process to stimulate this. This creates a lively innovation pipeline. Are there major innovations that transcend the power and importance of a team or business unit, such as cyber security? If so, we support them from our network organisation in the form of a ‘big bet’. This is a joint investment that provides a fundamental change over a period of two to three years based on a well-defined innovation process.”

“We also help our clients’ CIOs and IT managers to arrange innovation within their organisations. Within our Strategic Innovation programme, we create a platform – supervised by a professor – in which organisations help each other to achieve this. Experience has shown that by doing this we help each other to bring innovation to the market in the long term. We all do this based on the conviction that if you don’t innovate now, in three years’ time – as an organisation and an individual IT professional – you will no longer be relevant. Continued innovation is also indispensable for our position in the labour market.”